Cochlear Implantees Association & Charitable Society

We make sure your child gets the best from cochlear implantation and the whole process made smooth for you.

Who are we

Helping your loved ones hear again

About us

We are a team of volunteers who help children who needs cochlear implantation and maintenance.


We have conducted lot of programmes and events, sharing with you few photos from those.


Link to frequently asked questions regarding Cochlear implantation and maintenance.

How it's done

The Process of Cochlear implantation

What is Cochlear & how it works

Cochlear implants are an effective alternative to hearing aids for both adults and children with severe-to-profound greater hearing loss. Unlike a hearing aid, which amplify sound, cochlear implants send sound directly to the hearing nerve and onto the brain.  Please watch this video for a detailed illustration.

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cocohlear implantee

The components

A cochlear implant system mimics the human ear with the help of these two main components. An external component; which is worn on the outer ear or discreetly on the body, and the internal component, the implant, which delivers sound to the hearing nerve.

Ongoing Maintanance

After surgery, cochlear implants need maintenance and this can be a costly process for an average family. This is where CIACS comes in; we are here to help those who are in need.

cochlear maintenance
With your help

We’ve supported many kids to make them hear your lovely voice.

Your support made them happier

We would like to thank each and every person who have contributed and stood with our association to help hundreds of children .We like to continue like a family by giving our whole hearted support to all the kids who are in need .

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